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Drawing Experiment 23 - feat Inkling and Diz by DemonDice
Drawing Experiment 23 - feat Inkling and Diz
Experimentation skips because i haven't uploaded the rest yet... stay tuned for more hippity dippity deliciousness. oh yeah did i mentioned i changed Dizzy's hair to be more manageable? ;3
Nice Kicks Kid by DemonDice
Nice Kicks Kid
I've spent around 3-4 hours drawing this... i wish i had the drive to capture and show a speed draw of this. *Gotta get gud equipment*
So basically I tried to draw inklings and it failed when the hype was everywhere... after it died down a little i managed to come up with this? how you say? i have no idea. *i pictured what if Dizzy met an inkling? they'd fist bump* and this is the result i guess. 

I'll post up the lineart soon after. :3

Splatoon fanart and Dizzy by me. Cos you're a squid now, yo're a kid you're a squid X999 asdfghjk now!
My twitter handle is @MHGsyno because 'demondice' was taken already taken? :T welp ain't that the cheese, hope my peeps know this.


DemonDice's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
i like to draw a whole lot. I also play video games. i have weird dreams and ambitions but it's all up to fate and perseverance of my will, which is not a whole lot. I'm working on it.

i tend to doodle or not at times, but i will eventually upload the stuff here and on twitter too.
How The heck do i get sell my pieces of shiz i call artwork?
To someone who should know the internet like the back of his hand, i should have known how to sell my artwork through specific channels, but i don't. This leads to me trying to figure out the ways i can try.
Choices, plenty to choose...
  • Paypal is not responding well with me. i'll have to create another account, or fix it.
  • I could sell my art here - its deviant art... just have to tweak some settings.
  • People have this new thing called Patreon? is it free? does it come with potatoes?
  • Maybe don't sell and just starve? become one with the potato.
  • Never tried buying stuff at shady places (sites) - weird tax and shipping charges.
  • Sell soul to the devil and have him do all the work? nah he'll be too busy.
  • Pray for mercy from one puss in boots...and donkey?
  • Use this time instead to buy a expensive gunpla and build it?
  • After building the gunpla with excruciating pain, wallow in self doubt.
  • Blame global warming? already did that... i'm super cereal!
  • Watch cartoons and anime until i become one with the weeboo?
  • Play detective and solve a mystery with the gang? mental note: buy all scooby snacks.
  • Eat a whole bunch and pass out with no regrets whatsoever?
  • Play with my stick? no really i have a literal wooden stick! (sickos)
  • Go fishing? it's a rare occasion for me to go outdoors, my mortal enemy the sun is out there.
  • Catch all the Pokemon's? it's possible but i wouldn't be able to feed them all.
  • Direct a movie? i would literally hire Matthew McConaughey for literally everything.
  • Run a business fortune 500? somebody get the monopoly board!
  • Make a list of things i could supposedly do in a situation where's it's called for? nah.
  • Bake a cake? it would be a lie.
  • Learn serious parkour? one time i jumped a shoe.
  • Eat Love Live Die Repeat? Everytime i respawn a groundhog would welcome me to Narnia.
  • Sit at a fancy resturant? I said sit not eat.
  • When the f*ck did this become a weird sh*t list of nonsense? You wot mate?
  • As we go on, live forever, die together...we gonna make it happen with the crazy rap skill (shit)
    get ready to rumble, now is the time, if you don't know, now you know do the impossible, see the invisible, raw! raw! fight the power!!!
I'm truly Sorry if this became stupid.
(not sorry) ;3

When your feeling hungry. :3

current song in playlist. >:3

  • Mood: Llama
  • Listening to: Cerulean ~ BACK-ON
  • Reading: Boku No Hero Academia
  • Watching: Nanatsu No Tazai
  • Playing: with my stick
  • Eating: Cherry Tomatoes
  • Drinking: Chocolate Milk

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